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Nelson Mandela

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Brain Breaks; Sheets on the Wall

            Brain Break 

            You are in the middle of an intense review in class and 15 minutes into your review you notice students are spacing out, starting to become off task, not as engaged.  “Time to get your students up and moving.”  This is a great brain break for any class.  Before class starts hang large sheets of paper around your classroom with a marker.  Have students utilize the paper as a tool in their review for vocabulary, grammar, math, reading comprehension (Venn Diagrams), critical thinking and more.  Once they are done have them move across the classroom to another paper and add on, correct what is already written.  Not only are students up and moving around but they are still practicing the skills you are teaching. 

           The average attention span for elementary students is 30 seconds- 3 minutes, middle school students is 3-5 minutes, 7-10 for high school/college students and up to 20 minutes in adults.  This is an average there are lots of resources out there with more intense research.

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